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Jan 29, 2010 10:00am EST
. president karzai told a conference that his company -- country was moving slowly toward national security. of the next 45 minutes, british and afghan leaders and the un secretary general outline their goals. general mcchrystal has the international forces serving with such distinction in afghanistan and soon to be over 100,000 strong. foreign ministers, distinguished guests representing over 70 nations and international organizations, including every single member of the 43 nation strong international security assistance force. representing also afghanistan's key regional and muslim partners with whom we are pleased to work and his involvement in this worldwide coalition to support peace and stability in this crucial region are especially welcome to. this is a decisive time for the international cooperation that is helping the afghan people secure and govern their own country. for this conference marked the beginning of the transition process, of bring the necessary conditions under which we can begin district by district, a provident -- province by province, the transferring of responsib
Jan 4, 2010 6:00pm EST
in the afghan parliament was a stinging rebuke to president hamid karzai, rejecting 17 of his 24 cabinet nominees. the prize move caused new disarray. two months after karzai was declared winner of a presidential election plagued by fraud. today karzai ordered parliament to cancel its winter break so it vote on a new list of nominees that he's now preparing. he's under pressure to show progress in governing by january 28 when an international conference on the afghan mission convenes in london. among the rejected nominees was influential word lord khan and the only woman karzai had named. lawmakers criticized many on the list as unqualified political cronies. several holdovers in vital posts were approved. among them the defense minister and the minister of interior. along with the ministers of finance, education, and agriculture. i spoke to afghan ambassador today and asked him how big a setback this was to karzai. >> it may be a temporary setback for the president but it's a step forward for the democracy in afghanistan. it's really happy for the parliament of afghanistan to do their j
Jan 29, 2010 2:00am EST
with karzai. this is an opportunity for us to make sure that more draconian steps are taken and said if they steps that have yielded little results. >> i could not agree with you more. i cannot disagree with you at all. this is a moment and it will take a tough hand. >> i noticed the vote has not gone off. and to set fashion, which are drifting along here. -- in truth senate fashion, we are drifting along here. >> i'd prefer to look at this as an opportunity to finish my questions. i.t. why for being here and for your insights. -- thank you for your being here a year and says. my first question before i ask more about the long term, if each of you are satisfied that everything is currently being done that can be done with the short-term relief efforts, dr. former, you talk about how slow the relief efforts are and to a great extent that is because of the lack of infrastructure. is there more than should be done right now to address those relief efforts? >> thank you. i think there is a mismatch between the degree of interest and resources that we as a nation are putting in and the ab
Jan 4, 2010 7:00pm EST
cabinet nominees. the prize move csed new disarray. two months aer karzai was clared winner of a presential election plagued byraud. today karzai ordered parliament to cancel its winter bak so it ve on a new list of nomine that he's now preparing. 's under pressure to show progress igoverning by january 28 wn an inrnational conference on the afghan missi convenes in lond. among the rejected nominees was inuential word lord khan and e only woman karzai had named. lawmers criticized many on the list as unqualied litical cronies. sevel holdovers in vital posts were approd. among th the defense minister and the minisr of interior. along with the ministe of finance, educati, and agriculture. i spoke to afghan ambassor today and asked him how bia setbk this was to karzai. >> imay be a temporary setback for e president but it's a step forwd for the democracy in afgnistan. it's really happy fothe parliament of afghistan to do theirob the way they are supposedo be doing. >> warner: that seems like strange reacti. a tback for the president but you think it's a good thing? >> we are bu
Jan 28, 2010 1:00pm EST
hamid karzai told the conference that is country is moving slowly toward national security but that training security forces could take years. at an opening session this morning, the british and that an leaders and the un secretary general outlined their goals for the conference. . . >> in the last year britain has suffered hundreds of fatalities per he to the countries represented today recognizes that this mission is vital for our national security. it is vital to the stability of this crucial region and it is vital to the security of our world. we set out last autumn on strategies and we're making progress. the military search is turning to the tide against the taliban- led insurgency. it is at the same time building the capacity of the afghan forces who are fighting alongside us. a civilian surge is insuring that areas are cleared of the taliban and our stabilization teams go in to work with local to halt ground that has been a superdelegate. britain is proud that we lead the largest civilian reconstruction team in afghanistan. during 2009, we doubled the number of brit
Jan 29, 2010 12:30pm EST
've just actually just straight from a meeting with president karzai of afghanistan who here in london for this conference. and i think it's important that the government of afghanistan does more to demonstrate that it's toughing out corruption. that it's embarking on property government and proper reform. but i think we should be clear, you know, we're not in afghanistan. to back up one particular government or one particular individual. and i don't think we're in afghanistan, frankly, to produce the perfect jeffersonian democracy. we're there because we do nt want ala and the taliban to have control of that country again. and we should have a pretty hard-headed view that what we are in this for is some basic level of stability and security so that country doesn't threaten our own security back at home any more. >> do you believe -- >> and in that case we did:bring our troops home. >> rose: do you believe that can be achieved in the next two years because the president said et cetera's going to begin to think about bringing american troops back after 18 months. >> my view is, obviousl
Jan 4, 2010 12:00pm EST
stated to be beginning about 18 months after to give karzai and his regime enough time to stand up and fight for itself. we will see. host: we have our numbers on the screen and we will get to the calls in immelman. -- in a moment. you laid out a number of issues which have to be practical issues that have to be dealt with, but the fact of the matter is that you bring vietnam and it becomes a political issue as well. tell us how you view this as a political issue. guest: the lesson that we need to learn, i think, from john kennedy's experience is this. he was with -- he was withdrawing at the time. we have the classified documents. but he did not tell the truth to the american people why? for political reasons. he wanted to get it reelected in 1964. he had begun to order the withdrawal in 1963. host: and these would have been the trainer said you talked about. guest: 16,000 of visors, not combat troops. but my point is that obama should not repeat that experience. he is clearly going to do the best that we can in a given amount of time, but what we face the prospect -- if we face t
Jan 31, 2010 4:00pm EST
. lay down your guns and accept afghan law. this latest appeal from president karzai is part of a program to get militants to abandon the growing afghan insurgency. karzai is making it clear his offer of reconciliation does not i can tend to al qaeda. >>> in neighboring pakistan, reports that the region's taliban leader is dead. there are questions whether he is dead or alive. an unnamed taliban source claims that he is alive and in hiding. u.s. officials want to know his status because massoud is linked to some of the taliban's deadliest attacks in pakistan and suicide attack in afghanistan that killed seven cia officials. >> reporter: the pakistani military investigating a report that taliban leader massoud was buried friday. the report appeared on pakistan's state-run immediate why. other pakistani immediate why outlets picked up on the story and reported it as well but senior government and military officials say they cannot verify the report. we spoke to pakistan's top militant spokesperson and said the military is investigating the matter in the tribal region and said b
Jan 29, 2010 12:00pm EST
ghanistan saf and r own country sar. >> rose: d president karzai s anything toou that assured you of whatever misgivingsou might have about corruption and the dependence ofis governmen on foreignelp. >> well, i have rsed-- i've been leader of the opposition for four years. i'veeen to afanistan every year. i've matt president karzai on pretty much every occasion. i thinit was the sixth time iave met him this morning. what say is ihave always raised the issue of corruption. and the assurances e alwa given. but we nd to do more, there is nooubt there is still a level corruptn. it is to the just in the ghan government, but in me of the provinces as well you know, i think we can have an overromant sized view about the sorof country afghanian is. it is a desperatelyoor cotry in a very backwards stage of develment. and we have to have realistic assessmes of what we can achieve. >> rose: and i in fact, the liban gain control of afghanistan it will prode a haven for al qaeda which is unceptable. >> of course. i mes that's why 're there. it's becausehat when the liban were runnin afghanist
Jan 1, 2010 7:00am EST
the number of civilians and increase the civilian component capability of the karzai government. >> one official says, quote, the attack will be a venged, unquote, but it was the most deadly attack against the cia since the war began, and one said it was the deadliest attack on the embassy since 1993 which killed two agents. >>> two boys who had been missing for 11 years have been found safe, and the mother taken into custody is accused of kidnapping them. this is the picture taken back in 1998. the mother was arrested yesterday in pennsylvania. the boys are now 15 and 17. local authorities say they found them after a social worker became suspicious because of things that they said about their past. the father, i just can't get over it. >> i was listening to a voice message when i turned white as a ghost, is about what i was told. i know i was shaking, too, a little bit. my girlfriend calmed me down. >> the mother says she's a victim of domestic violence and her sons are victims of sexual abuse. police say there is no merit to her claims. her ex-husband says he hopes she spends some tim
Jan 27, 2010 1:00pm EST
they are ready to sign up and support car sky. -- karzai. there is a distinction between the foot soldier and the leaders who gave a safe hache to osama bin laden and al qaeda from which they launched attacks on this country on 9/11. so he sees the distinction. i don't think it should be lost on you. i think we can look at think with some subtlety between these two. and go after the foot soldiers and try to win them over. and ultimately figure out what to do with the hierarchy as we go up the ladder. now, omar is probably the extreme, the foot soldiers are the other extreme. question is what happens to the others? can they be won over? can they become a part of the political fabric that gates spoke of? and that's i think what we are all trying to figure out. i don't know that we have an answer yet. >> at what point does the 30,000 new troops, the department set up to begin accepting converts, from the taliban, reconciliation sectors, like south america. >> it's not an issue for the department. this is an issue for the government of afghanistan. clearly just reading president karzai's comm
Jan 28, 2010 11:30pm EST
year i' been to ghanistan every year. i've matt president karzai on pretty muc every occasion. i thk it was the sixth time have met him this morning. wh i say is i have always raised the issue o corruption. and the assuranceare alys given. but weeed to do more, there is no doubt there is still a leveof corruion. it is to the just i the afghan government, but in some of the provinces as well. you know, i think we can have a overromant sized view about the st of country afghastan is. it is a desperately poor untry in a very backwars stage of devopment. and we have to have realistic assessnts of what we can achieve. >> rose: andf, in fact, thtaliban gain control of afghanistan it will pvide a haven for al qaeda which is acceptable. >> of course i ans that's whywe're there. it's becau that when the taliban were runng afghanista the terroris training camps werthere. if y lookt the cvs of thbombers on 9/11, you know, almost every singl one of tm had been through afghan terrorist training camp. and this isin the british national interest, as well as in the u. national interest my we was ne
Jan 11, 2010 5:00pm EST
for the electoral process. it was a sickness can step. we are now watching closely as the karzai yet patrician and parliament put together the key ministers of the national government. we are going to continue our efforts in afghanistan but we also recognize, as the president outlined, we need to continue to move as rapidly as possible because clearly we want as i am sure the afghan people want to be able to see this transition where functions that may well be done today by the national community that we are building up the capacity for the government to be able to assume these responsibilities over the next couple of years. >> i have a question about a related country, and i would be human. haleh tomb are you to be anti-american, anti-western or antiforeign sentiment in yemen and do you have any concerns that those feelings would hinder or hurt your attempt to to help the yemenis government? >> well, i think we continue to look for ways in which we can support the yemeni government on military bases, civilian basis and economic basis and we are encouraged by the recent comments by the preside
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)